Rabu, 20 Maret 2013


Udah 2 tahunan terakhir gue ngadepin komputer beserta internetnya yang secepat kilat bin gratisan dari pagi sampe malem, tapi gue belum memaksimalkan apa aja yang ada di dunia maya, komputer, dan program yang lainnya.. hahahahahaa 

Jadi, berhubung gue adalah karyawan teladan *muntah ... makanya gue jarang buka yang macem-macem selain KBBI daring, oxford, arti kata, google, dkk. yang sejenisnya. Nah, berhubung akhir-akhir ini gue kalo dateng kepagian (pencitraan banget ya hahahahaa...) jam 7-an kurang, sedangkan masuk jam 8 teng, so gue punya waktu buat blogwalking, gugling2, fb, twitter, yutub, dsb.

Masalahnye, pas jelajah dunia maya, gue agak katrok nih kalo nemu-nemu istilah, bahasa, atau singkatan2 yang bertebaran di internet, baik yang gue temuin lewat hape, maupun lewat komputer. 
Jangankan bahasa-bahasa gaib di dunia maya, cara mbenerin atau nambah program komputer juga agak gaptek (maklum, bukan lulusan komputer). Pokoknya gue tahunya komputer itu tinggal make dan kalo rusak, panggil IT dah =))
Hahahahaa, maklum ye, meskipun gue masih single, gue bukan kelahiran tahun 90-an (nggak ada hubungannya).. Smua hanya keterbatasan bahan bacaan gue aja.. *tsaaahhh... 
Malu mau nanya sama rekan seumuran soal bahasa-bahasa gaib di dunia maya, takut dibilang katrok, ndeso, ga gaul kalo nekat tanya. Akhirnya, gue gugling2 aja dah.. *jangan dibikin susah..
Nah, berikut ini, gw nemu arti dan kepanjangan singkatan-singkatan yang sering dipake sama AGJ (Anak Gaol Jabodetabek). Gue tampilin yak, Mbak, Mas, biar sekalian juga gue hafal dan paham sama pembicaraan dari rekan2 sejagat ini.

Singkatan-singkatan gaib: 

ADN           = Any Day Now
AFAIK       = As Far As I Know
AFK           = Away From Keyboard
AKA          = Also Known As
ASAP         = As Soon As Possible
ATM          = According To Me
ATTN         = Attention

BAK          = Back At the Keyboard
BBIAB      = Be Back In A Bit
BBL           = Be Back Later
BBS           = Be Back Soon
BFN           = Bye For Now
BIF             = Basis In Fact
BION         = Believe It Or Not
BL              = Belly Laughing
BRB           = Be Right Back
BTA           = But Then Again
BTT            = Back To Topic
BTW          = By The Way

CMIIW      = Correct Me If I’m Wrong
CU             = see you
CUA          = Common User Access
CUL           = see you Later
CWYL       = Chat With Ya Later
CYO          = See You Online

DBA          = Doing Business As
DIKU?       = Do I Know You?
DITYID?   = Did I Tell You I’m Distressed?
DIY            = Do It Yourself
DTRT         = Do The Right Thing

EMFBI       = Excuse Me For Butting In
EOM          = End Of Message
EOS           = End Of Show
EOT           = End Of Thread

FTF            = Face To Face
FAQ           = Frequently Asked Question(s)
FISH          = First In, Still Here
FOMCL     = Falling Off My Chair Laughing
FUD           = Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt
FWIW        = For What It’s Worth
FYA           = For Your Amusement
FYEO        = For Your Eyes Only
FYI            = For Your Information

GA             = Go Ahead
GAL           = Get A Life
GIGO         = Garbage In, Garbage Out
GIWIST     = Gee, I Wish I’d Said That
GMTA       = Great Minds Think Alike
GOL           = Giggling Out Loud
GRD          = Grinning, Running & Ducking
GTG           = Got to Go
GWS          = Get Well Soon
GTRM        = Going To Read Mail

HHOK       = Ha Ha, Only Kidding
HHOS        = Ha Ha, Only Serious
HNG          = Horny Net Geek
HTD           = Have To Disagree
HTH           = Hope This Helps
HTHBE      = Hope This Has Been Enlightening

IAC            = In Any Case
IAG            = I’m A Genius
IAE            = In Any Event
IANAL      = I Am Not A Lawyer
IC               = I see
ICAM        = I Couldn’t Agree More
ID               = I Disagree
IHA            = I Hate Acronyms
IIRC           = If I Remember Correctly
ILY or ILU     = I Love You
IMAO        = In My Arrogant Opinion
IMCO        = In My Considered Opinion
IMHO        = In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO   = In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO           = In My Opinion
IOW           = In Other Words
IPN            = I’m Posting Naked
IRL            = In Real Life
IRT             = In Real Time
ITA            = I Totally Agree
ITD            = I Totally Disagree
ITRW         = In The Real World
IOW           = In Other Words

JAT            = Just A Thought
JAPRI        = Jalur Pribadi
JFU            = Just For You
JIC             = Just In Case
JK               = Just Kidding (or Joke)
JMHO        = Just My Humble Opinion
JMO           = Just My Opinion

KWIM?      = Know What I Mean?

L8R            = Later
LBAY        = Laughing Back At You
LD              = Later Dude
LDR           = Long=Distance Relationship
LLTA         = Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause
LMAO       = Lauging My Ass Off
LOL           = Laughing Out Loud or Lots Of Luck
LOLBAY  = Laughing Out Loud Back At You
LTM           = Laugh To Myself
LTNS         = Long Time No See

M/F?           = Male or Female?
MEGO       = My Eyes Glazed Over
MHOTY    = My Hat’s Off To You
MINK        = Multiple Income No Kids
MMHA2U = My Most Humble Apologies to you
MOOS or MOTOS     = Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOSS or MOTSS       = Member Of The Same Sex
MOTD       = Message Of The Day
MOTO       = Member Of The Opposant
MUD          = Multi=User Dungeon (or Dimension)

NBIF          = No Basis In Fact
NBIR         = No Basis In Reality
NW            = No Way
NP              = No Problem
NRN          = No Reply Necessary

OIC            = Oh, I see
OLL           = On=Line Love
OMG          = Oh My God
OOT           = Out Of Topic
OOTB        = Out Of The Box
OPM          = Other People’s Money
OTF            = On The Floor
OTOH        = On The Other Hand
OTOOH     = On The Other, Other Hand
OTP            = On The Phone
OTTH         = On The Third Hand
OTTOMH  = Off The Top Of My Head
OTW          = On the Way

PANS         = Pretty Awesome New Stuff
PC              = Politically Correct or Personal Computer
PDA           = Public Display of Affection
PDQ           = Pretty Darn Quick
PEBCAK   = Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PGB           = Pengertiannya Gitu Bang
PI or PIC    = Politically Incorrect
PITA          = Pain In The Ass
PMFJI        = Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMJI          = Pardon My Jumping In
POTS         = Plain Old Telephone Service (or Pretty Old Tired Stuff)
POV           = Point Of View
PPL            = Peed Pants Laughing or People

RL              = Real Life
ROAR        = laughing as loud as a lion
ROFL         = Rolling On Floor Laughing
RP              = Romantic Partner
RPG           = Role Playing Games
RSN           = Real Soon Now
RTM           = Read The Manual or Message
RW             = Real World
RYO          = Roll Your Own

SINK         = Single Income No Kids
SITD          = Still In The Dark
SO              = Significant Other
SOL           = Smiling Out Loud
SOMY?      = Sick Of Me Yet?
SOS            = Someone On Shoulder
STD            = Sick To Death
STS            = Sorry To Say

TAF            = That’s All Folks
TAFN         = That’s All For Now
TANSTAAFL = There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TBH           = To Be Honest
TCN           = Take Care Now
TFH            = Thread From Hell
TFI             = The Fact Is
TFM           = Thanks From Me
TFMT         = Thanks From Me Too
TFS            = Thank For Sharing
TGIF          = Thank God It’s Friday
TGTBT       = Too Good To Be True
TFRM        = Thanks For Remind Me
THX           = Thanks
TIA            = Thanks In Advance
TIC             = Tongue In Cheek
TIG            = This Is Great
TIIC           = The Idiots In Charge
TLA           = Three Letter Acronym
TPTB          = The Powers That Be
TTFN         = Ta Ta For Now
TTYL         = Talk To You Later
TQ or TX or TXS or THX = Thanks (or Thank You)
TYSM        = Thank You So Much
TYVM       = Thank You Very Much

UAPITA or YAPITA = You’re A Pain In The Ass
USTM or YSTM         = You Should Thanks Me

VWP          = Very Well Put

W4W          = Word for Word
WAGS       = What A Great Story
WAI           = What An Inspiration!
WB             = Welcome Back
WDALYIC? = Who Died And Left You In Charge?
WFM          = Works For Me
WIBNI       = Wouldn’t It Be Nice If
WP             = Well Put
WT?           = What/Who The?
WTH?        = What The Hell?
WTG          = Way To Go
WTGP?      = Want To Go Private?
WTS           = With That Said
WU?           = What’s Up?
WUF?        = Where are you From?
WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

XOXO       = kisses and hugs
XX             = kisses

YAAG       = You Are A Genius
YABR        = You Are Being Replaced
YGBSM     = You’ve Gotta Be Shittin’ Me
YMMV      = Your Mileage May Vary
YRR           = You ‘R’ Right
YVMW      = You’re Very Much Welcome

Hahahahaha, ternyata banyak juga ya? *ngga bakalan hafal kayaknya

Yaa, maklum sekali lagi ya, Mbak, Mas, ane beneran newbie inih.. Aseli dah, makanya follower gue masih dikit, pengunjungnya juga. Nah, makanya buat Mbak, Mas yang udah mampir sini, jangan lupa buat ninggalin jejak ya, atau ajak rekan-rekan or sanak saudara buat mampir di mari. Syukur-syukur mau kasih tau gue dandanin ini blog biar lebih lebih bagus template-nya dan lebih kece, tp murmer.. hahahahaa..

Sekian dulu dah dari saya, salam manis ^^

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  1. hehehe banyak juga yah o.O? sayangnya aku gak masuk daftar anak gaul :D hhi

    oh iya kalo boleh saran nih ka, buat komennya gak usah pke captha ka. 'agak' repot hehe

    1. Ooooo, biasanya pake captha kalo buat para pengunjung pertama aja, say.. untuk selanjutnya, kayaknya udh gak pake captha lagi.. Coba nanti saya tanya temen dulu ya buat ngutak-ngatik ni blog ^^ makasih buat saran dan kunjungannya :*

  2. Wahaha banyak juga ye, beberapa pasti udah lumrah ya, tapi yang laennya baru pernah denger gue mi. haha
    Santai aja kali Mi, banyak juga kok yang kagak ngerti bahasa entu, hee

    1. hahahaha, siap, Bos EY.. gw juga ngga ngapalin yang blm lumrah di kuping/di mata :p
      Sarapan, Sra, jangan liatin kak Meri aja.. *eh

  3. Ane juga gak pernah pake istilah2 yang begonoan mbak, hehehe :)

    *SaHaTaGo (Salam Hangat Tanpa Gosong) Pojok Bumi Kalibayem Jogja

    1. hehehehe.. okelah kalau begituh, mas.. ^^
      -salam manis cumi-cumi-

  4. ah....saya lebih2 mbak. mau nanya ma tmn2 malu, ya udah gugling aja dgn bersusah payah. tp thanks mbak di buat kan postingannya. ijin ngesave ya...
    slm kenal.....

    1. Sip, sip, sip.. Monggo, monggo..
      Salam kenal juga.. makasih yaaaa.... ^^

  5. kunjungan perdana gan..suskes terus untuk blog dan tutornya..

    1. Makasih gaaannnn ^^ Sukses juga buat agan.. aamiin..

  6. waduh, banyak. kayanya agak susah ngapalinnya, hehehe :)

    1. Iya, Mba.. hehehehe
      *cubit2 pipi.. dikunjungi Mbak Indi >0< xixixixixi ^^

  7. Hahaha.
    FYI, kak Merry ternyata udah punya cowok lho Mi.

    1. Yaaahhh... penonton kecewa.. tapi staf cewek yg lain pasti masih ada yg single kok, Sra.. *puk-puk

    2. Ditempat lu ada kali. :P

  8. Waahh... banyak ya singkatan2 yg saya ga paham... makasih share nya Salam kenal.

    1. Huum, Mba Niken.. saya juga baru tahu ada sebanyak itu..
      Salam kenal juga ya ^^

  9. ini kan bahasa klo lagi chat, klo jaman dulu klo sering PM sama bule di YM, hehe CMIIW :D

    1. hehehehehe, betul, betul.. Tp saya jarang chatingan si :p

  10. wah kak enak banget ya di kantor wifinya ^^
    banyak banget istilahnya, aku gak baca sampe habis, 5 istilah pertama aja, wkwkwk...
    semangat terus kaka.. aku sibuk kuliah jadi jarang blogwalking huhu

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

    1. Adeeee, pantesan lama ngga muncul, trnyata sibuk kuliah yaaa.. Smangat deh ya, smoga cepet lulus, aamiin.. ^^

      Iya, alhmdlh kenceng di sini internetnya.. :p

  11. wuihhh lengkap nii.. sama ko' saiia juga cuma pemake.. komputer itu tinggal make dan kalo rusak, panggil temen yg bisa benerin.. *pletakkk.. gratisan mulu.. :(

    Belajar Photoshop

    1. hahahahaa toslah kita kalau begitu ( ^^)/\(^^,)

    2. mampir lagi ahh.. ternyata belum ada yang baru tokh :p

      Belajar Photoshop

    3. hahahahahaha.. makasih ^^
      Iya blm ada inspirasi nih.. lagi banyak kerjaan.. tp kalo buka email dan mbalesin, masih rajin kok.. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo :p

  12. banyak singkatan2 yg saya gak tau :D

    1. Sama, Mbaaak.. saya jg banyak yg ngga tau.. heheheheee ^^

  13. wah mbak arumm kalau ane seandainya di tempat yang internetannya lancar pasti seneng banget karena cuma lemot yah seadanya saja hehehehe....

    wah ini mah ane singkatan banyak yang ndak tahu

    1. Hehehehee.. seneng pastinya, dikit2 tanya ke Mbah Google.. hehehehehe
      Makasih buat kunjungannya ^^

  14. Blog nya imut,, adem banget rasa nya disini,,, langsung follow dech.....hehhee....

    1. aaaaakkkkkkk,,,, >0< makasihhhh *terbang hehehehehe
      Daku beneran newbie, makanya masih polos Blognya.. hehehehee
      Danke, danke ^^

  15. saya juga newbie..salam kenal mbak

  16. nice post nice inpoh :D
    gue juga gitu, kalo lagi smsan sama temen atau mentionan di twitter temen suka pake kata "AKA", "CMIIW", "ASAP", dan gue selalu langsung googling apa artinya biar nggak dibilang katrok hehe, lumayan juga kan nambah pengetahuan :3

    1. hehehehe.. sama nih, yang nulis jg jadi gampang nyari arti dari singkatan-singkatan tersebut..
      Makasih ya buat kunjungannya ^^

  17. wuaduuhhhh... terlalu buanyak singkatan.... mampir mampirlah